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Rooftop Retreats

Sanctuary in the Sky

Rooftop Retreats is a holistic ‘urban mini-fest’ & pop-up experience on rotating city rooftops every mid-Wednesday of the month – on repeat.

It’s designed to take everyone up, out & inwards – from yogis to hipsters, students to secretaries, entrepreneurs to ceo’s and city officials – to the general public.

At our Sanctuary in the Sky – where ‘Table Top meets Rooftop’ – we’re covering everything from mindful movement practices to guided breathwork and meditation to live sound journeys and more… it’s the perfect full stop to a demanding work day, and an opportunity to experience the city from a whole new perspective.

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Rooftop Retreats

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We’re aligning with businesses, brands, wellness entrepreneurs, holistic practitioners, and open-minded property owners who resonate with this message and want to amplify ‘whole-being’ thinking, doing, and being, as well as promote their brand, conscious consumerism and wellness tourism.

Rooftop Retreats

Bespoke Rooftop Retreats

Workplace Wellbeing is the way forward, so we’re curating Bespoke Rooftop Retreats especially for you – because we believe Wholebeing is the new wealth, Passion is the new purpose, Nature is the new vitamin, Happiness is the new measure & Balance is the bottom line.

Rooftop Retreats

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Rooftop Retreats

What our participants say

It's always a push to make Rooftop Retreats. Mid week. A million other things on the go. And yet, each time, I'm thrilled I made it. And wish I had convinced more of my friends to share the experience. Always interesting. Usually modalities I've not yet experienced. Usually two or three in an evening. The deal is a steal. I leave, far from the frazzled feeling I arrived with.

Kate Leinberger Participant

Thank you so much for what you are doing. It is such a good thing. It felt really good and I could feel the happiness in the particles of the building. I could feel the gratitude. I was buzzing so joyfully and blissfully last night and then slept like bomb!

Lauren Hofmeyr Teachers and Participant

You have got the most beautiful, profound, incredible ‘product’ because I can feel it flourishing and growing and expanding into the corporate world, into the trend, into everything… and it’s really really really very very special! I loved it.

Caely Levy Participant

It was absolutely magical! That location is just next level beautiful. Amazing on all levels. Your vision is coming to fruition.

Justin Barnes Teachers and Participant

Thank you so much for this amazing yoga night. I really loved it and so so happy I got the chance to be part of it.

Annette Gueth Participant

In May, I was quite surprised when I arrived to learn that the movement practice wasn't traditional yoga. I immediately felt resistant. Wow - I was pushed out of my comfort zone and right into a place that I (to my utmost surprise) absolutely loved! The class with Hans (Swimming Dragon/Martial Yoga) was liberating insightful and a lot of fun!! So for those unsure about alternate movement practices: take a chance, do something different, and like me, you may just enjoy it!

Ros Langer Participant

I so love what you’re doing

Claire Thomas Participant

You genius!!!! This is awesome.

Robyn Friedlander Fan

I so wish I could experience one of these. Love your graphics.

Fiona Liebowitz Fan

Thank you! I appreciate all the work and care you put into the manifestation.

Jubee Morton Teacher & Participant

Thank you for a very magical evening. I hope to be at the next one.

Fergus Turner Teacher & Participant

Amazing session and event

Mike Viljoen Teacher & Participant

So much love and thanks for including me in this great event

Lara Roux Teacher & Participant

This is the right thing for now and will take on a life of its own

Vicki Sheffel Participant