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The 360 degrees human Podcast

This is not an interview - it’s an education.

The 360 degrees human Podcast

This is an education in ‘Living Whole’ – in real time - from exactly where you are.

I’m Gina Levy, founder of 360 degrees human, and host of The 360 degrees human Podcast – a holistic loudspeaker that’s normalising what it means to live into your WHOLE-BEING.

Each episode, is a holistic masterclass explored through natural conversation & storytelling, that intends to un-condition and re-educate, inspire and empower. Here, you’ll meet my network of paradigm-shifting life-champions & human-preneurs, movement magicians & mind-maestros, wellbeing coaches & spiritual wizards, soul-food farmers & nature-wonderers – who’ll make it easy for you to integrate ‘whole-ism’ into your daily life so you can live whole – and ‘happily ever now’!

So, what does your best day look like...
and what if it was everyday?

The 360 degrees human Podcast

Podcast episodes



EPISODE #7 | February 2024

From bone fide bopper to rebound master to cancer survivor – Keith McFarlane identifies best with ‘Energizer Bunny’! And that’s not all, this life learner and truth seeker plans on living to 350, because according to him, “Life is a full time job! – you have to put in the work”!

Meet the man who discovered the wonders of the lymphatic system and went on to create ReboundSA.



EPISODE #6 | November 2023

Chris Roland’s life reads like a version of the epic novel, Shantaram, a larger than life adventure tale of extremes. His own biography has swung like a pendulum, because he’s failed and succeeded so spectacularly along the way – a way he unequivocally embraces, as his own doing.

Meet high school drop out, turned award winning filmmaker, turned spiritual seeker, meditator, transformational teacher, and sound healer. His inspiring journey is one of deep awakening.



EPISODE #5 | August 2023

This Herculean mission unfolds like an epic classic – with drama, dynamics, despair, grit, inner demons, mother nature’s wrath and beauty, Olympian endurance, the power of the human spirit – and in this case, crossing The Pacific Ocean.

Meet Natalia Cohen, World Record Setter, international motivational speaker and mindset coach, who travels the globe challenging people to cross their own Pacifics.

The 360 degrees human Podcast

Gina is a Big Picture Person, Paradigm-Shifter, Human-preneur, Holistic Architect & Wonder-luster

The 360 degrees human Podcast

360 Masterclass

360 Masterclass is our cherry on top offering – which differentiates us from most other podcasts, in that we’re bringing our inspiring network of interviewees directly to you, our audience to coach you into living whole & happily ever now – because life is not a side note – it’s an everyday experience of wonder!

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360 degrees human is a Forever Summer School with multi-faceted Whole-Being platforms & programmes for the ‘student of life’ – making it easy for everyone to ‘Live Whole’ – in real time.

360 is also a WHOLE-istic Studio that uses SpatiaWhole Medicine as a strategic & integrative design approach to heal, re-imagine & transform lifeless spaces into epicenters of humanity that co-exist in harmony with nature – creating a ‘Human-Nature-print’ ™.