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Crossing The Pacific Ocean - And Her Own

Four fearless women…. One boat… An ocean to cross…

In January 2016, after 9 months at sea, Natalia Cohen together with an all-female team, known as the Coxless Crew, became the first four person and first female team to row unsupported across the Pacific Ocean. That’s 9,000 miles in a pink 29ft/8,5m ocean rowing boat, called Doris – from San Fransisco, California to Cairns, Australia, with stopovers in Hawaii and Samoa.

To put it into perspective. that’s a third of the world’s circumference – or an overland trip from Scotland to SA.

This group of strangers came together – not to break records – but to set them – in essence this would be a world fist that would catapult them into headline news across the globe, but most especially challenge them to cross their own internal Pacifics – a challenge Natalia could not resist.

With 20 years experience, living and working in over 70 countries, this professional nomad and travel industry guru is a graduate of life, so she couldn’t have been a better fit – the only thing was, she had never rowed before!

This was unchartered territory…

In fact, at one point, they would be so far from land that the closest humans were on the Intl Space Station!

This Herculean mission unfolds like an epic classic – with drama, dynamics, despair, grit, inner demons, mother nature’s wrath and beauty, Olympian endurance, the power of the human spirit – and in this case, a happy ending.

Natalia is now an international motivational speaker and mindset coach, who travels the globe to share her stories and offer her insights. Her understanding of team dynamics, the importance of a positive mindset to meet and overcome challenges and the ability to live in the moment drives her to empower others to cross their own Pacific.

To date, she’s given 200 talks in 17 countries to over 30,000 people, and today she’s here!

I hope you enjoy this journey of a lifetime!

Here we go!

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"Life is bigger than us. You just realize how insignificant we are, and how powerful Mother Nature is."


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