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The 360 degrees human Podcast

This is not an interview - it’s an education.

The 360 degrees human Podcast

This is an education in ‘Living Whole’ – in real time - from exactly where you are.

I’m Gina Levy, founder of 360 degrees human, and host of  The 360 degrees human Podcast – a holistic loudspeaker that’s normalising what it means to live into your WHOLE-BEING.

Each episode, is a holistic masterclass explored through natural conversation & storytelling, that intends to un-condition and re-educate, inspire and empower. Here, you’ll meet my network of paradigm-shifting life-champions & human-preneurs, movement magicians & mind-maestros, wellbeing coaches & spiritual wizards, soul-food farmers & nature-wonderers – who’ll make it easy for you to integrate ‘whole-ism’ into your daily life so you can live whole – and ‘happily ever now’!

So, what does your best day look like...
and what if it was everyday?
360 degrees human is a Holistic Think Tank & Design Studio that uses a signature ‘human-nature-print’ to re-imagine non-optimal environments into epicenters of humanity that co-exist in harmony with nature. It also creates experiential Wholebeing platforms & programmes, namely, The 360 degrees human Podcast, and Rooftop Retreats to help balance our ’inner & outer ecosystems’ – making it easy for everyone to ‘live whole’ – in real time – from exactly where we are.