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The 360 degrees human Podcast

Gina Levy

Always questioning the status quo and imagining how the world could work better, Gina channels the innate intelligence ingrained in her DNA to generate new ways of thinking that help us remember and re-connect to the wonder of our internal & external living worlds – so that everyone can live into their WHOLE-BEING, and create a WHOLE-ier human experience – in real time.

She considers herself a ‘Specialist-Generalist – so anything from Big Picture Person to Paradigm Shifter, to Human-preneur to Holistic Architect to Public Speaker to Dancer-Yogi to Wellbeing Innovator, Wanderluster and Warrior Goddess goes…

You’ll usually find her adventuring in the wild, on a beach, up a mountain, yoga-ing, dancing or cycling under the light of the full moon somewhere in the world where she’s found her tribe.


Gina is the founder of 360 degrees human, a Holistic Think Tank & Design Studio that uses a signature ‘human-nature-print’ to re-imagine non-optimal environments into epicenters of humanity that co-exist in harmony with nature. Wholebeing experiences, platforms & programmes to balance our ’inner & outer ecosystems’ – making it easy for everyone to ‘live whole’ – in real time – from exactly where they are.

In 2015, Gina founded Upstarts – an innovation platform aligned with UCT (Vice Chancellor), and the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship. It offered a parallel university experience that encouraged the collective talent and energy of students to become social entrepreneurs and active agents of change, who solve real-world problems from campus, and launch start-up realities beyond it – driving an ‘innovation economy’ that actually does create jobs and a ‘social innovation culture’ that literally does make South Africa work better.

In 2010, Gina developed Supernews, a citizen-generated online news network that reported uplifting, inspiring and innovative news stories – and it’s offshoot, Super Stage, a live social innovation platform designed to crowd-source solutions to SA challenges from the student public (which evolved into Upstarts).

She is also the creator of Translate SA, a multi-lingual magnetic product that teaches locals to speak “S’African” in a fun, tangible way!)

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360 degrees human is a Forever Summer School with multi-faceted Whole-Being platforms & programmes for the ‘student of life’ – making it easy for everyone to ‘Live Whole’ – in real time.

360 is also a WHOLE-istic Studio that uses SpatiaWhole Medicine as a strategic & integrative design approach to heal, re-imagine & transform lifeless spaces into epicenters of humanity that co-exist in harmony with nature – creating a ‘Human-Nature-print’ ™.