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EPISODE #2 | FEB 2023


Food Paradigm-Shifter

The 360 degrees human Podcast

Innovating New Food Systems

This is a modern day story of David & Goliath.

Our David – is Brett Thompson, whose vision & mission is to end intensive animal agriculture in Africa, a continent where billions of animals get slaughtered every year!

Except he’s not doing this by creating meat alternatives like global phenomenons, Beyond Meat and Impossible Burger – he’s reimagining our food systems and the way we make meat because he knows that people are simply not going to stop eating it! So, why look for alternatives when you can have the real thing… with more nutrients and a sustainable production process to boot?

Brett’s smart, passionate – and funny with a background in alternative protein and animal advocacy work* – But how does a self-confessed non-techy vegan (formerly known as The Braai* Guy) decide to launch Mzansi Meat Co, a bio-tech food company, and the first cultivated meat startup in Africa that creates meat grown in a lab from the cells of real cows – at no cost to the cow – and then turn them into a delicious homegrown burger?

That’s what I wanted to know from this budding entrepreneur.

So, whether you eat meat or not, this conversation is important, because Brett‘s role is not just about making burger patties – this ‘feel good meat’ is giving him a platform to show us, Custodians of the Earth, that there is another way to preserve our beautiful planet and protect it’s sacred animal kingdoms. In fact I believe it’s an/his educational imperative.

So welcome to a brand new meat eco-system built on a harm-free philosophy, right here in a meat-obsessed country, that’s going to propel Africa – and beyond – towards long-term food security.

It’s audacious. It’s risky. But it keeps animals alive – and it’s still meat!

I have to say, it’s nice to feel proudly South African again.

I hope you do too…

And remember to ‘LIVE WHOLE!’


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References & Links:

*Brett is the co-founder of Credence Institute – a South African nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of animals.


* Meat-Free Mondays

*Greyton Farm Animal Sanctuary

*Mzansi is a Xhosa/Zulu word meaning ‘South’ and is a colloquial name for to South Africa.

*Braai: Barbeque

*Gees: Afrikaans for Atmosphere

“The value of the company is not in selling burgers, it’ll be the technology that’s developed below the line that can be applied to meat, to food, to medicine... in the future.”


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