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The Wonders Of Your Lymphatic System

Bona fide 80’s pop star, Keith McFarlane and his band, Face to Face, catapulted to centre stage with their No.1 South African hit, “Here We Are”. Referred to as the local Duran Duran, Keith and a few band members then set their sights on the UK, and ultimately performed at Wembley Stadium with their band Seven and Dear Jon, supporting artists like Richard Marx, Jason Donovan, The Monkees, and Status Quo.

However, when their musical career came to it’s natural end, Keith shifted gear, and on returning to SA, got swept into the world of natural healing, a field he’d always loved. He studied & practiced everything from reflexology, to Reiki to hypnotherapy, to magnet therapy and massage, but it wasn’t until he discovered the wonders of the lymphatic system or Lymphology, under the tutelage of Dr. C Samuel West – whose words, “Learn how to keep your body pain free and disease free from birth until you die”, that he joined all the dots, and signed up for life. And, just like that, ReboundSA was born!

Now, because our Western lifestyle values computer gazing, over star gazing, and time crunching over ab crunching – our lymph isn’t flowing optimally because we mostly forget to breathe and move.

Rebounding, aka the “miracle exercise“ has been called, ‘The most effective exercise yet devised by man’. In fact N.A.S.A endorsed it as the “exercise of the future”. That’s because one hundred times per minute, you’re experiencing up to 2G’s – so every single cell in your body is going from weighing nothing to weighing double. A simple 2-minute invigorating bounce can have the same effect as a quick jog around the block, a 10-minute swim, or a 22-minute walk. So, by constantly resisting and defying gravity, your body is quite literally being oxygenated, detoxed, nourished – and even generates bio-electricity – which is why you feel so alive after you bounce!

This explains why Keith, a cancer survivor, never runs out of energy and plans on living to 350!

Keith has a simple motto – “Life is a full time job – you have to put in the work”, because when faced with ANY health condition, the most important thing to remember is that you aren’t curing a disease, you’re restoring your health. And to restore health in any part of your body, you simply need to recharge your batteries.

Talking to Keith was like riding a bullet train. Our conversation is animated, informative and truth telling, so take notes, and enjoy the ride!

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A quick head’s up:

This podcast was recorded on a trip to Johannesburg with non-optimal recording conditions, however my brilliant sound engineers back home in Cape Town, have meticulously attempted to fine-tune it. The content is what counts, so I hope it will eclipse any unavoidable background noise.

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"Life is a full time job! – you have to put in the work"


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