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A Journey of Awakening

Chris Roland’s life reads like a version of the epic novel, Shantaram, a larger than life adventure tale of extremes. His own story has swung like a pendulum, because he’s failed and succeeded so spectacularly along the way – a way he unequivocally embraces, as his own doing. This, despite being born into a dysfunctional family with alcoholic parents, being a victim of abuse, enduring multiple teenage arrests, losing his home and business, and wait for it, falling from a five-story building,

Yes, he survived.

But this high school drop out, is not just a survivor, he’s an ooba thriver, who’s collaborated with entertainment giants like NBC Universal, Netflix, and Lion’s Gate, and evolved into an award winning filmmaker (including co-producing Oscar nominated Hotel Rwanda, Hotel Rwanda). He’s a musician, artist, screenwriter, author, speaker, change agent and entrepreneur – who’s travelled, lived and worked in sixty+ countries and who’s outdoor escapades include everything that an adrenaline junkie can muster, including underwater archaeology!

Now, Chris walks a spiritual path, meditates daily, practices Native American traditions, leads sound journeys, and has self healed along the way using creative visualisations that stunned his doctors. He’s also a Transformational Teacher, dedicated to changing the world by helping others break through personal and professional challenges to transform their lives. Plus he’s currently developing Cape Town’s very first sound healing centre. In other words, he finally got the message.

His is a journey of awakening.

I met Chris when I invited him to facilitate a Sound Bath at Rooftop Retreats(my holistic pop-up experience and bi-monthly mini-retreat on rotating rooftops in Cape Town).

Needless to say, the sound display both awed and alchemised – and I instinctively knew there was so much more to learn from this human being…

Which brings us to today…

I hope you garner great insights here.

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